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Budapest 2019

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

Chess Artistry Adventure in memory of Pal Benko

In 2021, the Judit Polgár Chess Foundation launched the first ever chess study competition under the auspices of the Global Chess Festival, creating a tradition. This year, the festival celebrated the genre and the composers in a different way. The "Chess Artistry Adventures" was an invitation-only event.

We would like to thank the great chess composers: Didukh, Afek, Minski, Nielsen, Timman, Russ, Avni, Smolkin , Kovacevic, Sprenger, Prusikin, Gurgenidze, Polasek, Grinev, and Pasman for contributing to this year's Chess Artisty Adventure by composing wonderful chess studies in memory of Pal Benko, who was a great Hungarian grandmaster and an amazing composer himself and we all share respect for his work.

This year the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation made a very fruitful partnership with ChessBase India with Sagar Shah. This partnership gave us the opportunity to enlarge the audience and to put the highlight to this programme.

All of the wonderful compositions were inspirations of tournament games. We invite you to read about them in the following articles and to enjoy the videos about the Chess Artistry Adventure.




Some video recordings with top champions and future great players:


The amazing 14 compositions inspired Mariya Yugina to include all of the in a painting:

Chess Artistry Adventures in Wonderland

Chess Artistry Adventure in Wonderland
by Mariya Yugina


Looking forward to next year's edition !


You can view the award winning studies from 2021 HERE.

Here you can download the PGN file of the prize winner compositions.



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