Chess in the National Gallery
Budapest 2019

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

Chess Palace Cup

Hungarian National Gallery, Building A, ground floor


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Tandori in the Chess Palace

Once again in a fantastic location at the 5th Global Chess Festival preschool and school children are invited to enjoy the game of chess and challenge each other at the Chess Palace Cup.
Be like Tandori's teddy bears! Discover your talent and find the real joy of chess!


When teddy bears play chess
Full of furry, never hurry
The tic-tac of the clock
Does not make them worry


Tournament Organizer: Judit Polgar Chess Foundation with professional support of the Budapest Chess Federation

Start of the tournaments:
U8 (Born after January 1, 2011) : 10:30 AM
U10 and U12 (Born after January 1, 2007) 2:00 PM

Make sure to register to the Chess palace Cup tournament until September 30, 2019 at the bottom of this page. Due to restricted capacity of the venue, we are able to accept limited entries to the event. Registrations will be accapted in the order of registration.

Signing in at the venue: U8 event 10:00 AM – 10:25 and for the U10 and U12 events 2:00 PM – 2:25 PM

Venue: Hungarian Nation Gallery 'A' Building. Address: Szent Gyorgy ter 2, Budapest 1014

Entry fee: Free entry for all, but bring your good mood with you!

Participation: Children born on or after January 1, 2007 can participate, if they don't have a FIDE rating or their rating is under 1800. The different groups will be arranged by the organizers after the registration by October 7, 2019 and it will be online on the Global Chess Festival website.


Time of the rounds:

U8 Group: Round 1: 10:30 AM Round 2: 11:00 AM Round 3: 11:30 AM Round 4: 12:00 PM Round 5: 12:30 PM

U10 and U12 Groups: Round 1: 2:30 PM Round 2: 3:00 PM Round 3: 3:30 PM Round 4: 4:00 PM Round 5: 4:30 PM


Tournament Format: 5 round Swiss tournament. 10 minutes for each player plus 2 seconds bonus per each move according to FIDE rapid rules. The most important rules will be announced by the arbiter before the first round.
Deciding the places: 1. Acquired points 2. Buchholz calculation 3. Progressive calculation 4.Berger calculation 5. Result against each other. If there is a tiebreak for the first place, play offs will be played. The arbiter's decisions are final.


Prizes: The first 6 places of the Chess Palace Cup will receive unique prices and gifts. Each participant will receive a participation certificate and Szamos marzipan chess chocolate.
Everyone is welcome at the event! Thanks in advance for playing fair and good sportsmanship.






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