Chess in the National Gallery
Budapest 2019

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

How to Improve One's Mindset

Hungarian National Gallery, Building C, 1st floor


After last year's success, the Hősök Tere team will join the Global Chess Festival again. The festival will feature our growth mindset program again, to show what is necessary to undertake unknown challenges with more confidence and success and to make us forget phrases such as “I’m not good at this”...”I won’t be able to do this”.

We welcome kids as well as parents so that kids will experience, and adults will understand why it is important to praise the attempt and effort, instead of the person. During the workshop, the kids will receive chess related questions in two rounds and will get feedback by various methods. The parents and teachers will have the opportunity to observe how the feedback affects the child motivation. Our colleagues will advise those who are interested in how to praise their children, so they can grow and develop as effectively as possible.



The mission of the Hősök Tere Initiative is to encourage people to stand up and help others in everyday life, act as everyday heroes, and to be aware of how to achieve this goal. We offer trainings and workshops for teachers, social workers, parents, and companies. We also give interactive presentations in schools, organize international conferences as well as online operations and field practices to share the knowledge required to reduce prejudice and indifference in Hungarian society.

Global Chess Festival - Budapest - Program

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation