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A quick chat with Judit

Simul with the astronaut of NASA, chess boxing, human chess match, Karpov, Kasparov, Guinness record – what surprises will await those who visit the Global Chess Festival's event in Budapest this year?


Judit: As in previous years, our aim is to show people the “1000 Faces” of chess, how diverse chess can be. Chess is a lot more than a mental sport. On 8th October once again a magical world will open its doors in the Buda Castle, with all-day family and children programs. This year we are going to take a big step ahead and broadcast the Budapest event online, so that everyone who wishes to connect, regardless their physical location, can join the Festival. We have a Chess Map as well, where people can register and signal to the rest of the world that they are also part of the international chess celebration.


That is the reason why a new website has been created?


Judit: Yes, we have spent the past year developing a platform that is professional and at the same time colorful, attractive and rich in content. It is now a place where both chess-players and people who are just familiarizing with the game can discover a fascinating universe, the 1000 faces of chess.


The festival has started out as a simultaneous chess exhibition with the three Polgar sisters and since then has grown into a worldwide chess celebration. How do you feel about this transformation?


Judit: I believe that in chess as well as in life the ability to innovate is a necessary skill. You need to be ready to surprise your opponent, to come up with new ideas... The changes we have implemented in the festival spring from the experience of the previous editions. It is thanks to these past events that I have come to express better and clearer the message of the festival and what chess means to me. Chess is a very important bond. It brings together the young and the old, the poor and the wealthy. It unites people with different interests and views, from different countries and cultures. It is a language that can be spoken all around the globe. Chess connects us!




Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation