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Baku Chess Olympiad

The United States, after 40 years without a gold, won the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan, with Ukraine taking silver and Russia bronze. In the women's section the new champion is China, Poland finished second and Ukraine third. These are the facts you've definitely heard about, but the Chess Olympiad is a lot more than a competition for the medals.


It is the biggest, most international chess event. In Baku more than 3000 people from 175 countries gathered together. Some of them are renowned grandmasters, others are enthusiastic club players, while a few have just learned the moves. And yet, chess level isn't everything. It is an honour in itself to be part of the Chess Olympiad. To represent your country. To show others your culture and learn more of theirs. The Olympiad is the place where, in true #ChessConnectsUs spirit, the diversity of the chess world is celebrated.


Here is the touching final song of the Baku Chess Olympiad, with a selection of outstanding photos from the official website.



Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation