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Huge International Interest about the 3rd Global Chess Festival


One of the fundamental goals of the Global Chess Festival organizers is to continue the tradition in which of chess lovers celebrate the diversity of chess in thousands of venues at the same time. "The goal is to make it clear to everyone: chess has a tradition that plays an important role in every culture." - said Judit Polgar.

For this purpose and with the idea of "Chess Connects Us" there is a possibility all year round, for everyone who cares about the game - and would like to join the worldwide community - to join the Chess Map. So far people signed up from 114 countries to the Chess Map, all sharing the passion for the chess. Our goal is to make it even more visible that there is a commitment around the world and chess is present in even the most remote places, whether it is a city, town or a small village.

Become part of the celebrations and join the team of creative thinkers as "Chess Connects Us"!

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation