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Chess Wedding

Years ago Luba and Boris Alterman were connected through chess. They were both competing on tournaments, he became a grandmaster and one of the best Israeli chess players. Together they raised a beautiful family and have a successful educational chess program that teaches life skill through the game. A few days ago the Alterman parents walked their daughter Ariela down the aisle at her wedding with Mor. Amongst the many celebrating friends you could see grandmasters and beginners alike. Everyone was touched by the beautiful couple and also by Ariela's little brother Ben, who read the following speech:


Ariela and Mor
You have met in high school
Waited a decade for this important decision

Already then in Grade 9 everyone knew
that you two will get married

Like two pawns in a game of chess
You have marched ahead
hand in hand

Together you have chosen your moves
friends were always there to help

Now you are under the Chuppa
soon to become king and queen

In the future little princes will run around
the wheel of life keeps moving ahead

Continue to love each other
Another home in Israel had been built
Mazal tov!



Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation