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Dessert with the Polgar Sisters

Four time US champion grandmaster Yasser Seirawan connects online to the three queens of chess for a friendly talk that is sweetened with some traditional Hungarian desserts. The Polgar sisters were homeschooled, each became Olympic champions in their teenage years, have won many trophies, and were on top of the ladies world rating list for more than two decades. The main topic of the conversation is about education, fair play and what qualities you need to become a better chess player or become successful in life.



Susan, Sofia and Judit have two children each and they share their experiences about what they have learned about parenting, which lessons they discovered from being great chess players, coaches and award winning authors. The girls talk about their teaching experience and share insights about educational chess, life skills for younger children as well as coaching champions on the university level. During the talk you can peek into the family albums and get an inspiration on how to improve yourself or help your children and students to achieve their aspirations.

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation