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Global Chess Festival

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

Global Chess Celebration

Children's activities, family programs, high-stake chess tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions, educational workshops, art performances and celebrity appearances. The Global Chess Festival has been anything but an ordinary day, hosted by the legendary Judit Polgar in the idyllic setting of the Buda Castle in Hungary.



Judit, a true ambassador of the game, made sure that everyone visiting the 2000 square meter facility would have an unforgettable experience about chess. While the kids engaged in interactive brain teasers, painted colorful porcelains or handcrafted their own chesspieces, their parents could cheer for renowned grandmasters battling in the Highlander Cup for a first prize of 15.000 dollars, in a theatrical scenery with live commentary. Those who preferred to play themselves had plenty of opportunities, from tournaments to the highly popular simuls with Sofia and Judit Polgar. In this magical environment one could experience chess in every possible sense, even, literally, eat the black and white pieces!



The most wonderful thing about 8 October 2016, however, was that while Budapest was celebrating chess, tens of thousands of people did the same all around the world. From Brazil through South Africa to Australia everyone who loves chess could join the international celebration of the game, either online or by participating in any of the events organised individually, at over sixty locations worldwide. The Global Chess Festival is a day when chess is honored, and even more importantly a day when we highlight and celebrate that chess is more than a board game: it is a magical bond that unites people from different ages, gender, nationality and culture, a common language we can all speak. Chess Connects Us.

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation