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Virtual Reality 3D Art Exhibitions

Many forms of art were inspired by chess as a metaphor for life. The mysteriously carved pieces and puzzling players have appeared in films from short advertisements to blockbuster movies alike. During the stream of the Online Global Chess Festival this year, you will be able to see music and dance performances, and in the Movie Channel animations and films will be screened.

The special 3D Virtual Art Gallery will host four exhibitions, where with the help of your touch screen or mouse and keyboard, you can walk between the paintings and photos. The artists of these displays have a few clear things in common: the passion for chess, travel and colors. Sofia Polgar exhibits ten of her favorite chess related paintings with the title: Motion and Color Across the Chessboard.

Maria Yugina expresses her passion for chess, romance and travel in bold shapes and colors. Her oil paintings present stunning horses as well as knights from real chess games. The romantic couples and playful children all come to life created by Maria's paintbrush.


Alina L'Ami presents a selection of 24 photos, capturing the #ChessConnectsUs spirit from earlier festivals, from the main location in Budapest. She writes: "Photography for me is not clicking the buttons and picturing what it looks like. It is clicking with the people and picturing what it feels like."


David Llada's Girls Power photo exhibition, demonstrates that chess is not only an interesting game and sport, it can also be photogenic. The portraits from all around the world, highlight girls playing chess in a male dominated world.  Through the visual materials, David wishes to bring chess to a wider audience and encourage girls to play and compete more.

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Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation