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Judit Polgar presents the 5th anniversary of the Global Chess Festival, held every second Saturday in October in Hungary’s stunning capital city Budapest. This year the festival will be held in a very special location – the Hungarian National Gallery, located in the castle district of the city.
The festival is free of charge for all participants. We aim to bring friends and families together to have a memorable experience while playing, learning, and enjoying the rich cultural atmosphere the event provides.
One of the main objectives of the festival is to highlight the diverse nature of chess in four main ways: Chess as a Sport, Chess as a Science, Chess as an Art and Chess as an Educational tool.
Participants will even have the opportunity of playing in a simultaneous exhibition against the Polgar Sisters on the day of the Future Champions of Europe event. We will be keeping an eye out for any special talents, so make sure you bring your A-game!
The Chess Palace Cup and ‘Chess Challenge’ will be available to amateur players who may even be competing in their first ever tournament. Children and adults are both welcome!



For the first time at the Chess Connects Conference, lecturers will provide insight on how science influences modern chess, including chess as an educational tool in the 21st century and the challenges modern chess presents within the context of sport.
As always, a number of very special guests will be in attendance this year. It’s always great to have so many influential figures from both on and off the board join us at the festival. We will announce their names in due course!
A fun edition to the program this year will be the The Inspiration Cup where specially selected pairs will be playing against each other, all of which will be streamed online with exciting and expert level commentary.
During the event, you will also have a chance to gain insight into Judit Polgar’s Educational Program – Chess Palace, as well as other educational tools and activities. These activities include robotics, maths and much more. Hand crafting will be part of the daily program, as well as making marzipan chess pieces and other artwork activities for kids.
We are looking forward to welcoming chess enthusiasts and aficionados to Budapest on October 12th at the National Gallery where you’ll have an unforgettable experience. You’ll also be treated to a selection of charming musical performances at the opening ceremony.

Reaching out to organizers from around the world
In the past 4 years we have had more than 300 locations, in 40 different countries involved the #ChessConnectsUs initiative. If chess is important to you, we would like to inspire and encourage you to organise your own event! Forward your information and let’s show the world that chess can connect us all.

The Global Chess Festival promotes the 1000 faces of chess all around the world. We aim to share the beauty of chess with 5 million people by 2025, to connect and enjoy chess-related activities on the day of the festival! CHESS CONNECTS US

Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation