Global Chess Festival 2016 Budapest

Under the patronage of Mr Tibor Navracsics, Member of the European Commission.



Chess is a sport, a game, entertainment and an educational tool, and with its diversity it can connect people. That is why we believe that in chess, all generations can find a collective fun experience. During the past decade the Global Chess Festival has become a prestigious social event with full-day family programs built around the mysterious board game. The 1000 faces of chess are presented with colorful children and family programs, to show that playing chess is not only good, but it is such an experience, that - with its educational effects - dominant throughout our lives.


Therefore the goal of the Global Chess Festival is, within ten years, to have 5 million people connect and enjoy chess related activities on the day of the festival; to develop cooperation and friendships despite the physical distance, language barriers, social or age differences between them. We aim to have as many people as possible on the Chess Map, indicating that they already know "Chess connects us.


The live broadcasts enable "virtual" presence around the world for those who can not be there in person in Budapest, Hungary.





Year after year, on the day of the festival,  more and more countries in the world are connecting to the celebration of chess. Every year, and this year again, Budapest hosts an exceptional event to lead the way in popularizing chess. Like last year, the event venue in Budapest, is the Buda Castle Garden Bazaar, it expresses the importance of both tradition and innovation. The fact that along with the cutting-edge solutions the tradition-rooted knowledge and aesthetics is timeless, and as such it is essential today as well as for the future generations.



  • Date

    08 October 2016, Saturday

  • Location

    Castle Garden Bazaar

  • Event name

    Global Chess Festival 2016 Budapest

  • Event's address

    Buda Castle, Budapest Ybl Miklós area, H-1013

  • Organizer

    Judit Polgar Chess Foundation

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    Click here

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Judit Polgar Chess Foundation
Judit Polgar Chess Foundation