Hoekwil Chess Tournament

Hoekwil Chess Tournament

Event description: a 7 rounds 10min/10min open tournament, to be played in the Hoekwil Primary School hall. set in the magnificent garden route of the western cape province, the 1st round will start at 10:00. we will break for lunch which can be enjoyed at any of the restaurants next to the school. Magnificent views, food, coffees, cakes and fun day for the whole family.


  • Dátum

    Oct 8, 2016

  • Helyszín

    Hoekwil Primary School

  • Esemény neve

    Hoekwil Chess Tournament

  • Helyszín címe

    Kerk Street Hoekwil South Cape South Africa

  • Szervező

    Christoff Mans

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Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány
Polgár Judit Sakk Alapítvány