ChessPE: a sports field on an 8 × 8 field

CEST 10.30 AM -2.30  PM  

Hungarian National Gallery, 2nd floor

Do you like to play, jump, exercise and move? Well, which child doesn’t? Now imagine a 64-square chessboard. Can you picture it? Well, this is your sports field! Here you can enjoy exercises based on chess-related tools that will help you master various movement elements at carefully differentiated levels. Would you like to try?

In the ChessPE program, the chessboard provides the field for exercises, effective orientation, and orientation in space. ChessPE offers an opportunity for movement development based on recalling the tools of chess. Children experience the mastering of various movement elements and as they do they are challenged thanks to the adaptable exercises (games adapt their difficulty to the players’ skill).
The program covers several areas of the physical education curriculum (with an emphasis on preparatory and preventive activities, as well as alternative leisure activities). For a good part the program is built on the elements of walking-running, hopping-jumping, throwing, balance exercises, and games. The ChessPE methodology allows the trainer to decide on the pace of applying the elements of the program, depending on local conditions and the level of development and the needs of the children.


We reserve the right to change the schedule.

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