We all love to play, children and adults. And when we play, we learn - often without realising it. Chess is a game, but the thrill of the game itself is much more than just a game - it is a game for present and future generations. Discover what it means in practice! Among the masterpieces of Hungarian painting, you and your child can now learn about the three programmes of the Judit Polgar Method, developed by the Judit Polgar Foundation with the help of experts for children aged 4-10.

Are you over 10? We have great news: in this game it doesn't matter.

Judith Polgar Method developmental and fun activities


Kids Challenge (6-station challenge for kids)
Want to have fun and face exciting challenges? Come to our Kids Challenge and put yourself to the test! You know, what's cool about it is that preschoolers and school kids can go through the same course, but they only have to solve age-appropriate tasks. You can collect the tokens in your passport and when you've collected all 6, you'll get your well-deserved reward in the shop. What will it be? Come, play a good game and find out!
The games and tools engage all your sensory, perceptual and cognitive sensors. They develop your ability to plan ahead, logical and abstract thinking, give you skills in problem solving, spatial orientation, visual perception, shape recognition, fine motor skills, perseverance and tolerance for failure.

Handicraft activities

Would you like to design clothes for your chess pieces for different occasions? Shall it be sporty, casual, elegant or for a ball? Have you ever tried to design a beautiful shield from shredded paper? Or would you prefer to colour them? Come on, let your imagination run wild, be creative and design, colour and create as you like.
The signs of creativity can be seen from a very young age. They love to draw, match colours and shapes, cut out coloured paper and materials, glue them together. We offer a space where children can let their imagination run wild and be creative, while developing their hand-eye coordination, observation and concentration.

Ready, set, go! Do you like jumping, hopping, moving? Then this is the place for you! Chess is an intellectual sport, but now you can try playing it on a giant chess board by performing various movement tasks. It's a great adventure, come and see!
ChessPE is the latest addition to the Judit Polgar Method. Children perform movement exercises on a giant chess mat, which help them orientate themselves effectively, navigate in space and learn playful action. Sensitive development of coordination skills and meeting children's natural need for movement are combined with the development of motor skills.



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