11.00 am to 5.00 pm (CEST)

It has become almost a tradition that the OTP Fáy András Foundation is represented at Global Chess Festival, where, with the support of the Foundation's trainers, visitors can not only get to know chess as a game and a sport, but also learn financial and economic information in an impressive environment.

We offer fun and educational programmes that will give you the opportunity to develop your future-oriented thinking. In our game "Move by Move to Awareness", participants will be able to expand their financial and career guidance knowledge and strengthen their reasoning skills by moving like a living chess piece on an exciting mat and learn about environmental and media awareness. And in our "Checkmate" game, playful visitors can learn about the paintings and basic financial concepts exhibited in the Hungarian National Gallery through a chessboard turned into a quiz-based competition.

Everyone is welcome to join our activities!

About the OTP Fáy András Foundation
The OTP Fáy András Foundation, which is 30 years old this year, aims to develop the future-oriented thinking of young people, especially their financial literacy. In addition to strengthening financial awareness, expanding economic knowledge, it provides training in the fields of career development and career orientation, sustainability, and the social competences necessary for a successful life for primary and secondary school students and young adults. Every year, around 20,000 students participate in its free, experiential, practice-oriented, mindset-shaping presence training and digital courses.

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